The ClinicalRCB Project

The project:

ClinicalRCB: Research Capacity Building for Clinical Nurse and Midwife Consultants in Hunter New England, Central Coast and Mid North Coast Local Health Districts



To build CNC and CMC research capacity, engagement, impact and leadership by establishing a collaborative program of mentorship and teamwork between UoN and the LHDs. Central to this program will be the development of a virtual meeting space and digital resources.


To implement a two-year program of research capacity building for CNC and CMCs based on the following activities:

  • Co-design: SONM and LHDs participate in ideas workshops to identify facilitators of engagement, resource requirements and local research priorities.
  • Online resources for Community of Practice: Developed using a digital platform (this site) in collaboration with a learning development team.
  • Teams and Themes: CNCs, CMCs, nursing and midwifery clinicians and researchers (LHD and SONM) to develop communities of practice aligned with the priority research themes.
  • Mentorship: CNCs and CMCs to be embedded in formal mentorship arrangements with nurses, midwives or academics with research skills and leadership qualities.

This site:

This is a community portal for partner groups of the LHDs and Universities in nursing to promote the core goals of the ClinicalRCB program. The intent is to develop a digital resource that is readily accessible to CNCs and CMCs, providing access to: 

  • Research Groups by theme/team including discussion forums
  • Research resources including Case studies, Message from Senior Leaders, Real examples, Education, Governance, External Resources
  • Mentoring connections
  • Event and other news and notifications relevant to the cohort.

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